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   Web Designing
  • Suite your motto! You may avail the access of millions of people all just a click away of your mouse. resulting your online venture as a bonanza.

    For each and every company their needs varies

    1. Some may need a simple page starter

    2. Some may want to promote a brand or product

    for each and everyone depending upon their necessities, we are here to think and act for you as well as for the further benefit of your company products and to create a website as tailor made up to their needs.

   Some of our web services
  • Design and Building your web site
  • Advice on hosting & domain name
  • Email solutions
  • Support
  • E-commerce outlet
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Management
  • Personalized Service
   Valid HTML and Accessible Web Design
  • It is important to ensure web site visitors view your web pages as they were intended.

    A web site design conforming to XHTML and CSS standards will allow it to load faster, display correctly in the maximum amount of browsers and rank higher on search engines.

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) encourages compliance with accessibility guidelines (WCAG) allowing access to users with special needs or disabilities.

    Web page design conforms to the W3C accessibility guidelines, XHTML and CSS standards.

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