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Take the first step for starting your website by registering the domain your desire. Finding a domain name and registering it is never easy but we make it easy for you. We have been rendering Domain registration service for more than 10 years and we pride ourself in helping many popular companies register their domain and enabling them to go online to reach the place they are now. Join our hands and let’s find a unique domain name and register it before someone else takes it. Already found a domain name? Then we will help you check the availability register it. Choose the extension you require from the long list of extensions we offer. Register your domain as soon as possible and prevent others from using it.


Theft Protection

We help you protect your domain so that your domain will not be hijacked or used by someone without your permission

Wide Range of extensions

Choose the extension you want from .com, .in, and much more.

Easy Domain Transfer

If you have an already registered domain and want to transfer it our DNS server, then we could do that without taking much time.

Dedicated Control Panel for easy management

We provide you with an easy-to-use cPanel to management your DNS account easily.

Domain name suggestions

Confused about choosing a domain name? Do not worry. We can suggest elegant domain names that suit your brand the best.

Affordable Prices

The prices are one of the perks of choosing us. Let it be any extension, our prices are as affordable as it gets.

24x7 Support

If you have any queries, then contact us. Our support team are always on their toes to resolve your issues.

Privacy Protection

When you register a domain name, your personal details are saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS. Domain privacy protection protects your personal data and keep it hidden.

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Is registration possible if there are 15 characters in the domain name?

 Sure. Any domain name with 1-63 characters can be registered.

What else would I need other that domain name to go online?

Apart from registering a domain you would have to host your website on a reliable server according to the needs. If you are looking forward to hosting your website, we suggest going through our hosting plans.

Can I register multiple domain names?

Of course. You can register as many domain names as your wish. All you have to do is choose the right plan we offer.

What are the qualities of a good domain name?

Whenever you choose a domain name make sure it is short, easily rememberable, matches your brand and industry and easy to spell.

Can I register the domain even before my website development is complete?

Yes. You can register the domain beforehand you develop your website. Proactively registering your domain is always good as there is a chance for someone taking your domain within the time of your website development.

What is DNS?

Domain name system (DNS) is a system which contains all the domain names. When someone types a domain name in the address bar, the DNS helps the browser to display the webpage by converting the domain name to the unique IP address( a unique numerical address by which a server or browser identifies a website) of the website.

How much time will it take to complete the registration?

The registration process will be fully completed within 24hours. It might get a tad delayed if there is an issue with Internet providers.

What is the process of your Domain Registration?

The following is the process:-

  • * Reviewing the list of domain names you have given
  • * Choosing the extension
  • * Checking the availability of the same choosing the plan
  • * Receiving the payment
  • * Gathering your information needed for registration
  • * Registering

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