Affordable cloud servers tailored for optimum performance.

If you are on the lookout for a highly flexible and scalable server to host your website, then cloud hosting is the perfect option. Cloud hosting is a dynamic solution which enables the user to upgrade the hardware even during the run time without disrupting the performance. Cloud servers allow you to run your intensive and high-traffic website seamlessly. When you host your website on Malabar’s cloud servers you will be furnished with a massive uptime making your website available all the time. Your management will be even convenient with the cPanel we provide. What makes us your ideal partner is that our packages are affordable relatively. On the rare occasion when you face any issues you could contact us and our expert Linux server admins will meticulously solve the issues.

Make your customers admire your website by hosting on Malabar’s Cloud servers.


High Scalability

You do not have to worry when your website grows massively. Cloud servers are tailored to be scalable in tandem with the website growth and increase in the demand.

Fast Processing

When you chose cloud hosting your website will function as fast as it gets as the resources can be flexibly accessed.

Complete Control

When you chose Malabar as your cloud hosting partner, you would get the complete control over your cloud server. In this way, you can customize and optimize the server independently

Complete Control

When you chose Malabar as your cloud hosting partner, you would get the complete control over your cloud server. In this way, you can customize and optimize the server independently

Pay For What You Use

In cloud hosting, you need not have to pay a specific amount. You only need to pay according to the usage of resources.

Well Secured Environment

The encryption technology of our cloud servers is hard to be breached. So your hosting environment will be fully protected from malicious attacks.

Automatic Backup

One of the per of choosing cloud hosting is that it will automatically backup the data according to the variation in the data.

Assisted by cPanel

To make your server management much convenient we will provide an options-rich cPanel which is useful to for website publishing, file organization, domain management and much more.

Almost Cent Percent Uptime

When you host on our cloud server, your website will be provided with 99.5% uptime making it available for the users all the time.

24x7 Technical Support

We are at your disposal 24x7. You can connect with us through any channels like helpdesk, e-mails, live chats, etc at any time of any day.

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All Shared Hosting Features

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Multiple Websites

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$2.95/M Regularly $4.99Buy Now

$4.50/M Regularly $8.99Buy Now

$9.75/M Regularly $18.99Buy Now

All Our plans include

1-clickinstall apps
99.9% UptimeGuarantee
easy-to-usecontrol panel
TransferWebsite & Domain
30 DayMoney Back
24/7/365Premium Support



How long will it take to set up an account?

We can set up your cloud hosting account within 1 to 2hrs.

How different is cloud hosting from dedicated hosting?

In dedicated hosting, your website will be hosted on your dedicated physical server. On the other hand, in cloud hosting, your website will be hosted on a vast cloud environment which is shared by many. Also, you only have to pay for what you use, unlike dedicated hosting where you pay a fixed amount even if you don’t use some resources. A cloud server is also better in scalability when compared to dedicated hosting.

What is the payment mode you accept?

Which websites are suitable to host on a cloud server?

Cloud hosting is best for large organizations whose website are large of vastly growing. It would be even good if there is a strong technical team to manage the server and optimize it timely.

Can you manage if I host my website on your cloud server?

At, Malabar we only provide unmanaged web hosting solutions, unfortunately. However, if you need managed web hosting, then you could visit the website of our sibling company ‘Mizzle’.

How many domains can I host?

You can host unlimited domains but you will have to pay according to the resource consumption.

Do you provide a discount?

Since our prices are low we usually do not provide discounts but on some occasions like the festive season, we do give a discount. At times we conduct lucky draws and provide hosting service at free of cost to the lucky customers. The updates regarding this are usually posted in our Social Media pages. So make sure you follow us to get updates on discount.

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