A hosting solution tailored to meet your high demands.

Looking for a powerful platform to host your high-traffic website? Then you are in the right place. Dedicated hosting offers a powerful and secured platform suitable to host large websites. You get a server exclusively for you that can be configured the way you want and install any software you need. The resources will be completely yours and not shared. Therefore, the performance would be excellent. When you choose our affordable package, you would be furnished with an easy-to-use cPanel and WHM to make the management easier. We can also assist you in installing the latest security patched and updates proactively making your hosting environment as secure as it gets. You will also have the privilege of binding a new email address to your domain. Our dedicated team of technical experts will be ready 24×7 to solve your issues at any time and we assure 99.5% uptime. Host exclusively on our server and let your website perform seamlessly.


Full root access

The full control over the server allows you to get maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring your web server.

Cutting-edge configuration

Let it be any plan, you will get a powerful processor, RAM and massive storage that is ideal to host your large website.

Convenient Management

For efficient and effective management of every hosting-specific function and the overall server, we provide an easy-to-use cPanel and WHM.

Excellent Scalability

When you host on our server, you get more than enough storage and this helps your server keep up with the growth of your website.

Low cost, High performance

Just because our packages are affordable does not mean the performance will be compromised. Your website will function as smoothly as it gets.

Strong Security

The in-built security measure keeps your server resistant to attacks. What's more, you will get security updates and patched along the journey.

99.5% Uptime

The perk of hosting with Malabar is the massive uptime. Your website will be always available to your users.

24x7 Tech Support

You can contact us at any time of any day if you get any technical issues. Our tech team will be always available to solve the issues.

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Multiple Websites

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$2.95/M Regularly $4.99Buy Now

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easy-to-usecontrol panel
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How different is Dedicate hosting from VPS hosting?

Though VPS servers act as a dedicated server, the resources are distributed from a physical server. On the other hand, in dedicated hosting, you get a complete server to host your website. This gives you better scalability, storage and resources.

Should I have the technical knowledge to manage?

A basic knowledge would be enough. With the cPanel and WHM, you would find it extremely convenient to manage. If you have any doubts, you could ask us and we will happily help you.

Can I host a small website on a dedicated server?

Any website can be hosted on a dedicated server but the thing is that dedicated server is not necessary for such websites. A dedicated server is perfect for a high-traffic website or a large e-commerce store. Otherwise, shared hosting or VPS hosting would be fine.

What mode of payments are accepted?

How fast will you set up my hosting account?

It may take 24 – 48 hours to fully set up your hosting account and make your website up and running on the server.

Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting. Which is better for a large website?

Both are actually good. The only difference is that the resources in dedicated hosting are fixed, whereas in cloud hosting the resource allocation is highly scalable, meaning you can leverage the resources as per your needs.

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